Dr Edward Crispin Lamont

As a gym company owner, I am constantly interested in the senses as an experience rather than simply whats in front of you. As a member walks around the facility they should experience a fresh clean smell such as lemon. Additionally, colours play a Key role in the facility journey. Colours should be complimentary to tell a brand story. On trying to understand colours I came across MG.Simply put what an amazing mind. I get bored listening to presentations quickly. The 1st seminar I sat through MG had my full attention. I am amazed how just the slightest change in colours evokes a completely Different experience to a consumer. She broke it down in to 3 categories using well-known brands to explain the point. To be honest the cleaver subtle use of colours is totally underestimated and should be essential for an entrepreneur. Subsequent seminars have been super interesting, and I have implemented across my brand forthwith. I did a lot of research before finding Mg I am very happy to endorse MG as a global colours expert of the finest and thank her for the true expertise. Worth it, do it, implement.


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