How do I approach a project?
I really don’t know yet.

I can imagine it so vividly. What exactly will happen if we engage Marie-Gon? How will she handle it? I would like to share it with you, but I can’t. Because I will first listen to you, analyze your question or challenge and only then discuss my approach with you. That can be totally different for each project. What I can tell you is in what atmosphere I would like to work with you.

I want to make a fresh start, where I am – relatively – speaking most of the time by asking questions. After that I will be silent for a long time. Then all kinds of thoughts swirl around us that will form the basis for me to make a plan of action. So basically there is a blank canvas and not a mapped path. And that is nice. And personally. And so we get to the core. And also to new insights. And of course to a good plan.

I am curious to work with you.
Just send me an email!


100% for sure I’m going to inspire you but above all I will flood you with facts about colour.

Facts that explain why you buy something, why you behave in a certain way and why you feel comfortable or not in a space.

Invite me, I customize the presentation for your brand!


All choices for your brand must contribute to the story of your brand with which you want to declare love to your customers. Overdone? I don’t think so!

Customers like to enter into a relationship with your brand. As a good friend where they can always go to.

Mail me and discover more!


I can’t get enough of it.
Sharing know-how, experience and expertise for more then 20 years. Discussions that arise with participants are valuable and gives a lot of energy. Each input provides a new insight.

I also conduct master classes online: you are always in the front row! And even if everyone raises their finger, your question will always be answered.