I simply love working with MG. She practises what she preaches!

I had the privilege of working with MG when the company I work for needed guidance to change their image, to relaunch, to implement values using colour, to connect with people.  Taking our strategy, MG created a portfolio of colour palettes, specifications on usage and much more. Provided in depth reasoning behind each colour choice and how it would communicate to customers. Learning how the effects of different colours has on people evoked a change in our initial thought patterns; by simply changing the intensity of a colour can cause a completely different feeling in a person.

I would totally recommend MG for any project. She gives herself to a project. Her way of working and teaching is passionate and inspiring. I have always had a love for colour but MG has taught me there is much more depth to just what you see.

MGs personality represents her profession; vibrant, colourful, creative and polished. MG is a true colour expert who absolutely loves what she does.