I have been working with MG for the last couple of years on my Visionary fiction series The Ojas Chronicles. There are many characters and many regions in the books. How they are represented with colour (pun intended!) the way a reader looks at them. Therefore, it was important to me to work with someone who had an intrinsic understanding of how colours and psychology work together.

MG ran workshops for me and my team, so that we learnt how colours interacted and could change a theme. How each character has almost a DNA of colours. She then guided us through steps to choose what would be the most appropriate colour palettes for the characters and the regions, including the interaction between the two. This has helped both me and the illustrators get our visions for the series crystal clear. It has been in incredible experience.

The knowledge that MG brings is not just cutting edge, but truly diverse, from having worked on many continents. She also takes time to understand her clients aims and objectives fully before suggesting anything. She has been so inventive with her ideas of how to portray colour palettes  moving away from a colour wheel to something much more innovative. I feel blessed that our paths crossed and that MG has become such an integral part of The Ojas Chronicles series.

I would recommend MG as she gives her whole self to any project she is involved with. Thank you so much!